An Introduction To Male Short Haircuts

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Published: 18th November 2010
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There is a large range of short haircuts for male. These short styles are really just as popular as some of the medium and long styles. The way in which a man decides to wears his hair can be a good sign of the sort of person he is and what he aims to get out of his life.

Some of the short haircuts are a great fun and these can also be unique and sleek. Some of these styles are seen as classics for male. The haircut that suits someone will depend on the shape of the face therefore the best style will vary from person to person. Finding the most suitable haircut can be a case of trail and error and trusting the opinion of the hairstylist.

All of these haircuts have unique names. The buzz has been popular for male for a many decades now. This style is often said to be one step away from a bald head as it is a very close cut. This style is traditionally used for military personnel. There are some variations on this style nowadays and this includes the faded buzz cut.

The haircut, which is referred to as the Caesar features a horizontal fringe that is straight. This style has been around for a long time and it was the chosen style for Julius Caesar. The faux hawk is another style that is very popular. The faux hawk is based on the style known as Mohawk however you do not shave the hair away at the sides.

Traditionally businessmen have opted for very short haircuts and over the years this style has been given the name businessman style. This haircut is very professional looking. Nowadays there is an array of variations on this haircut but the cut is basically the same and it features tapered back and sides.

The haircut that is known as the fade is another style that is very short. There is a range of different variations of this haircut and these include the flat top fade, low fade, temple fade and Philly fade to name some of the styles. This style is a tapered cut and this means that generally the hair is cut very close on the sides and back and then tapered upwards.

For many years now short haircuts have been very popular as they are convenient and also a bit of a fashion statement. These styles can be seen on a range of people ranging for businessmen to models. These styles represent style and neatness, as they will give you a respectable appearance.

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