Harajuku Haircuts For Men

Published: 04th November 2010
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Being unique today isn't as easy as it used to be. Everyone wears the same clothes, has the same haircuts, and listens to the same music no matter what group you classify yourself in. But there is a place in Tokyo where the youth reinvent themselves daily. Harajuku is the place that has become the center stage for girls and boys alike to express who they are through fashion. Their urban culture has become internationally known, not only for their clothes but for their haircuts. The Harajuku haircuts are glamorous, unique, trendy, and can be so provocative that they are downright scary at times.

The Harajuku haircut is a mix of bright and dark colors in the hair with varying lengths and textures. The style is so unique that is has elements of gothic, punk, hip hop and anime characteristics to it. Always eye catching, these haircuts are usually extreme and it is important to have an extreme wardrobe to go with it.

Each haircut is personalized to the point that no two have the same style. This style is chosen because of the versatility about it, it gives the wearer a chance to have fun with their hair and create totally unique looks. It is very popular among fans of Japanese anime as they can get into character or create their own.

The signature characteristic to this haircut is the extremity of it. There are no set rules or guidelines to follow. The only thing necessary is that the looks needs to be dramatic and in some cases as provocative as possible. There are different techniques to achieve the look, for many it is a razor technique that cuts off chunks of hair, leaving a clumpy look. Others choose to have uneven and jagged ends but keep the hair long and straight.

The most important factor is the color in the hair. Colors are the trademark of the style, and they must be contrasting colors. It is typical to bleach hair till it is white and then color it a neon color of choice. Red and blue are popular but so are yellows and greens. For anime fans, they color the whole head usually in pinks or blues. Chunky streaks of color are also popular and you can use more than one color for that.

To get the style needed you need products, so lots of gel, mousse, and hairspray are used to shape and keep the style. Big hair is in with this style, it can stand straight up or go straight out to the sides or down at an angle.

The urban cult of Harajuku and Harajuku haircuts is one that is sweeping the world. With no definite rules in place, the only thing that is truly agreed on is having a look that is on the edge. Teens take advantage of this freedom by reinventing themselves constantly with new creative and designs daily. The more original the look, the more Harajuku you become.

You can see the harajuku style photos on: http://coolmenshair.com/2007/12/harajuku-hair.html.

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