How to Match a Bouquet Color to Your Wedding Dress

Published: 25th May 2008
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There are many colors you can choose for your bouquet. If you are going to wear a colored dress, choosing the right color to accompany your dress can be a bit tricky. Because not every color is suitable for your dress. To choose the suitable one, there are some guidelines to follow:
  1. Choose Your Favorite Color

    Choose the color that you like & reflects your personal taste. You have a favorite one, and you can pick its shades to be your bouquet element. Whatever your guests talk about yours, you need not to worry. You like it, right?

  2. Use the Same Color

    You can match your bouquet color by mixing the shades of your gown or theme color. For example, if you pick a purple wedding theme & you wear violet dress, you can choose shades of violet as your bouquet elements. Shades of violet consists of orchid, purple, violet, etc. You can choose one shade or combine them as your arrangement. Flowers that can be used to arrange it such as lavender, hydrangea, lily, etc.

  3. Use Complementary Color

    Complementary color is opposite of it. If they mixed, they produce a neutral one such as white, grey, or black. The exact opposite of the dress' color will make a great focus to the bouquet. In this combination, you should pay attention about each strength. The easiest way to choose is by looking at a color wheel, a circle chart that tell you what primary different colors will become when they mixed together. With the right composition, you can achieve a great one. The standard complementary are: red and green; blue and orange; yellow and purple. For example, if you are going to wear a purple dress, you can choose a yellow one that can be arranged with yellow calla lily, sunflower, gerbera, etc.

  4. Neutral Bouquet

    If you are still confused after reading this, try neutral arrangement. Neutral means without color. Although neutrals are white, grey, and black; for flower, a neutral is white. White is purity and basic. It can be matched with any color. White has several hues: cream, snow, & ivory. Those hues can be found on calla lily, carnation, freesia, etc.

Marsudi is a florist. He creates large gallery of colorful wedding flowers to give you a better idea on creative bouquet.

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