Kind of Popular Mohawk Haircuts

Published: 21st October 2010
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The hair portrays every person's personality and style. One style of hair that has caught the attention of many is the Mohawk. The Mohawk haircuts were only worn by group of individuals called punks. Over the years, it has gained popularity in the fashion world and many people are seen already wearing the haircut. Mohawk is not only any other haircut, it requires special care.

There are various cuts for a Mohawk haircut and each cut belongs to special group in the world of fashion. Mohawk hair should be maintained to make it look unique and one of a kind. A unique Mohawk cut is sure to attract the attention of many.

The first kind of the Mohawk hair is long and the strands are made point. The type of Mohawk cut is called Fanhawk and it requires longer strands of hair. The strands are formed in a pointy manner and spiked up. The pointed strands can be molded in one area of the head or spread out. Many rock start use the Fanhawk that is spread out because it looks more wild.

The second type and the famous Mohawk type is called the faux-hawk. Famous British superstar David Beckham wears this haircut. A faux-hawk needs a 3-4 in. Long hair and it will be molded together to create a spike. The sides can be fully shaved, partly shaved or left with some hair. Faux-hawk is widely known and it is easy to maintain.

The third Mohawk haircut is known as the liberty-spike. This cut requires a bit of care but its the style that is most unique of all. The spikes of this Mohawk cut needs to longer and stronger. The spikes will be formed like a crown similar to the one worn by the statue of liberty.

The fourth Mohawk type of cut is known as the Rayhawk. It is being linked to the Tampa Bay rays which is the name of a baseball team. The Rayhawk is achieved by shaving the hair on the middle and create a strip like effect. The strip effect will create the look of a true Mohawk.

The fourth and last common type of Mohawk cut is known as the dreadhawk. It requires a very long strand of hair because the long strands will be matted coiled or dreadlocked and tied together into a ponytail. The dreadhawk Mohawk cut requires hair on the front part and sides of the head to be shaved off. Hair color may be added to create a more stylish look.

The various types of Mohawk haircuts found above are the common styles that are patronized by many people nowadays. Each style will represent the fashion statement of the individual wearing the haircut. There are less popular Mohawk cuts such as the Frohawk and CrossHawk. An individual can sport the fanhawk or liberty-spike haircut to standout among the crowd. The Mohawk haircuts are not only worn by the punks but everyone is already wearing it. It has become very popular that many people want it.

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