Men's Hairstyles Currently In Vogue

Published: 15th May 2009
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For the modern urban male, having a good head of hair and sporting the right kind Men's Hairstyles spells not only an advantage with the opposite sex but also an increase in their personal charm, appeal and overall desirability.

The traditional perception that men are least concerned about their physical appearance and grooming is fast changing with the metro sexual phenomenon taking its toll on unkempt and ill groomed men everywhere. There are different kinds of hairstyles that one could adopt in order to make a personal style statement.

The basic prerequisite to possessing a good men's hairstyle is firstly to have some hair on your head. If all you can boast of is a shiny bald pate, then you obviously aren't a candidate for any kind of hairstyle however minimalistic.

Though the style depends on how much hair you have on your head to spare, most men's hairstyles ask only for short hair that is thick enough to be shaped into a style that fits your face cut and personality. You should sport the style that you think is right for you and not go by the pictures of male models in glossy men's magazines. You could go in for hair extensions or texture or color changes to achieve the desired look. Certain styles require constant maintenance and pruning and are not meant for men who are on the go and do not have too much time to spend on doing up their hair as well as certain styles that do not even require you to comb your hair.

On the shorter side, a crew cut or spiked up hair is most popular, so also are clipper cuts and brush bristle kind of high and tight styles. The clipper cut is also a trendy style that many short haired men are opting for these days. All these styles call for trimmed hair on the back and sides of the head with enough on top to be made sprightly and spiked up or molded into the right shape. There is also the side step fringe style and the slick combed back gangster look from the mob movies for those who prefer a classy look. All it takes for these kinds of short hair styles is the application of a bit of hair gel after a shower to achieve the desired look and is preferred by busy men.

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